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First TECLA 3D-printed eco-home reaches completion

Italian 3D-printing company WASP and partner Mario Cucinella Architects have successfully completed the TECLA 3D-printed house. Located outside of Bologna, Italy, in a small town called Massa Lombarda, TECLA is the first eco-sustainable housing model to be constructed entirely from local raw earth materials using 3D-printing technology. Continue Reading Category: Architecture, Lifestyle Tags: sustainable design,

How to Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode

Safe mode in Windows 10 allows you to troubleshoot various problems on a computer. You can use one of many ways to boot your Windows 10 PC in safe mode. You can use a built-in app, select an option on the login screen, and even utilize an installation drive to start Windows 10 in safe

Dengue virus vaccine candidate shows promise in mouse tests

Researchers at the University of Queensland (UQ) have developed a new vaccine candidate for dengue virus, a notoriously tricky pathogen to deal with. The new candidate has a number of advantages over existing treatments, with tests on mice using microneedle patches proving promising. Continue Reading Category: Medical, Science Tags: Vaccines, Virus, University of Queensland, Mosquito,