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Outpost camper pickup offers turnkey overland adventure under $40K

Caravan Outfitter combines a new 4x4 pickup, rooftop tent, bed rack and other equipment into a compelling overlander it calls the Outpost

Overlanding continues to grow and attract interest, but the prices of adventure rigs and equipment can be downright prohibitive. Washington state’s Caravan Outfitter takes a break from launching compact, affordable camper vans and sub-$40,000 mini-campers to offer an intriguing overland solution: a turnkey adventure truck that costs less than many regular pickup trucks or SUVs. It focuses its work on the Nissan Frontier, building up the midsize pickup for off-roading and overnight camping. After paying less than US$40,000 for the fully prepped truck, buyers can be overlanding the day they drive off the lot, no getting weighed down with aftermarket upgrades or DIY work.

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