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Stress study shows graying hair is reversible

History is littered with anecdotal evidence of the relationship between stress and graying hair, from Marie Antionette’s overnight transformation following her capture, to US presidents taking on more salt than pepper during their tenure. A new study has produced first-of-a-kind scientific evidence of this connection, identifying proteins in human hairs that seem to drive this

Electric nerve stimulation effectively treats severe cluster headaches

A treatment called occipital nerve stimulation (ONS) has been found to reduce both the frequency and severity of headaches in patients suffering from chronic cluster headaches. The new trial results, published in The Lancet Neurology, suggest low doses of electrical stimulation are just as effective as higher doses. Continue Reading Category: Medical, Science Tags: migraines,

What is Caret Browsing and How to Use It

You’re probably scrolling through this page with your touchpad, external mouse, stylus, or your fingers. But what if we told you there’s another interesting way to go through web pages on your browser? It’s called “Caret Browsing” and we’ll show you how to use the feature on popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge,