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Mini-moto and e-scooter hybrid kicks up some dirt

Following Indiegogo launches for a full-suspension electric kickscooter and an all-terrain ebike, California-based electric mobility company Splach is returning to the crowdfunding platform next month with a kind of e-scooter/trail-ready moto mashup called the Transformer. Continue Reading Category: Urban Transport, Transport Tags: Scooter, Electric Vehicles, Last-mile transport, Off-road, Indiegogo

New mechanism controls superbugs by sparing the death sentence

Antibiotics are reaching the limits of their usefulness, as they drive bacteria to evolve into new drug-resistant forms. But a new study has uncovered a mechanism that could make the bugs non-infectious without killing them, reducing the evolutionary pressure that leads to superbugs. Continue Reading Category: Medical, Science Tags: University of Geneva, Bacteria, Antibiotic-resistant bacteria,

Personalized therapy for aggressive brain cancer shows promising results

Newly announced results from a preliminary clinical trial testing a novel kind of brain cancer drug have revealed incredibly promising responses in a particular subset of patients. A larger Phase 2 trial is now underway targeting patients with a specific biomarker. Continue Reading Category: Health & Wellbeing, Lifestyle Tags: Brain cancer, Cancer, Biomarkers, Protein