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Supertall skyscraper puts a star in the Melbourne sky

Though it’s debatable whether or not Melbourne’s Australia 108 is the southern hemisphere’s tallest residential skyscraper as claimed by designer Fender Katsalidis, it’s certainly one of a kind. The impressive building stands out from other supertall skyscrapers with a gold-colored “Starburst” on its exterior that’s inspired by the Commonwealth Star on the Australian flag. Continue

Mid-80s video game inspires sleek city ebike

A Brit game developer and publisher from the 1980s has pedaled into the ebike space with a stylish ride named after one of its most popular games. The Paperboy by Elite Systems/Elite EV has launched for under a grand on Indiegogo. Continue Reading Category: Bicycles, Transport Tags: Gaming, Retro, Indiegogo, ebikes

Diamond liquid impurities provide new insights into ancient Earth

Geologists have studied tiny pockets of fluids trapped inside diamonds to get a better understanding of how old humanity’s favorite rocks might be. In doing so, they identified three distinct periods of diamond formation in Africa over the past few billion years, with intriguing implications for our planet’s history. Continue Reading Category: Science Tags: Diamonds,

New drug target makes superbugs choke on their own toxic molecules

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or “superbugs,” pose one of the most dangerous looming threats to public health. Now, researchers at the University of Georgia have found a new potential weakness in some of the worst strains, which could make them choke on their own toxic molecules. Continue Reading Category: Medical, Science Tags: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, Antibiotic, Bacteria, Superbugs,